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The Lovecraftian FPS I can’t quite seem to stay away from.

Some Pinède, Some Fantasies for March

The Pinede bible page on crystallum

Getting right back into the swing of blogging about things and working on stuff. Here’s some proof I have not just been subsisting off chips, lollipops, and my former cocaine habit.

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Whoops, Not Done With Quake After All

"Lost Kamelot" by me and Logan

Peek at my failed attempts at mapping please, I spent all day on this.

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NoFEMBR Rolls On

My stupidly-named productivity month continues to yield.

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Arrogant Erratum is Out!

Part of the Arrogant Erratum start map

See title.

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No Way to Go But Down

Part of the new "Kuras" ending, featuring gold textures

Pending any additional balance fixes, “Arrogant Erratum” is about done.

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Arrogance Pays Off

Forsaken Citadel hub, original and rebuilt

NoFEMBR has begun. I start with those Quake levels.

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The Kuras Evacuation

The end of The Kuras Stronghold

It’s finally over.

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I Lost My Cloud the Day We Slipped Away to Rediscover England

Businessmen and Ghosts by Working For a Nuclear Free City

Good times ahead.

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Give It Up for Day *checks* 44

An intermission camera with the wrong roll

It’s a drop-dead sprint at this point. Let me not completely forget to update the blog while I’m at it.

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The “Outer Limits” Glitch

The highly irritating outer limits glitch in Quake


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