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The Kuras Hub

The hub area of the second half of Arrogant Erratum

One last level update before the end of the month, this one concerning a whole bunch of traps and magical stairs.

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Walls (But It’s a Different Mix)

Modern Guilt

Just a little thing about some mixing differences that no one but me will care about. Good song either way though.

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The Kuras Stronghold

The Kuras Stronghold

Cammy’s present meets Cammy’s past.

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Rediscovering: Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Onwards with the series, and onto another early 90s alt-rock classic.

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Descending into watery hell

Man, can you imagine the water pressure all the way down there?

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How the Internet Works

How the Internet Works, Sixth Edition

This blog is slowly becoming my version of Ben’s Junk, isn’t it?

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HTTPS is a Pyrrhic Victory

WordPress warning about us not using HTTPS

When you’re online, you can be watched. No exceptions, no way around this. Your padlock icon won’t help.

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Getting Hard to Keep This All Under Wraps…

The spawn area in Arrogant Erratum

So time to start sharing shots, I suppose?

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Dropping the Information

"Structure of a Gopher Menu" page

The Gopher Repository is finally complete, at least as far as all the pages are concerned. (See what I did with the title? :3c)

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Albumone by c.layne

the soundtrack to waiting.


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