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Yet another deserted urban complex?

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It’ll End in Tiers


Every little experiment with Guitar Hero turns into five or six hours of rebuilds and tweaks, I swear. More songs, new songs? Totally possible, it turns out.

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On “Suffocated”

There really is nothing stranger than trying to describe stuff that happened when you’re 15 that only a few people know about. Hernando and Felix are on the mend, at the least.

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You Sleep Deeper Than I Do

Our characters in Stardew Valley

Hi, happy one year of CabyCammy. I’ve been…mostly playing vidya, admittedly.

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Another Deserted Urban Complex

A track I uh, brought back from the past. In stunning hi-fi play too.

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The Tragedy of's homepage in 2000

A fallen behemoth that’s left not a trace–unless you know where to look.

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A Pinkish Sky From the Wildfires

Crunchy sunset

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Still working on upgrading my stores, but two of my favorite characters are starting to come into play.

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Frozen Leaf

Started a new town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf recently. Things have been…frosty thusfar >w>

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In a Blanket Haze of Ephedrine

And I’m wondering where the hell I’ve been. One of these days shit will calm down…until then, here’s another miscellaneous update!

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