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Reconstruction of the Fables

IE6's proxy settings

With WebOne, I actually can get there from here, thanks.

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Cammy on Geocities

My site

Yes, I return to the nostalgiamining well once more, but this time with simpler ends and a more confident outlook on being gay as hell.

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Please Don’t Use telling me I've been "reported"

A strong word of caution against free hosts and one in particular. No, it’s not Neocities this time, amazingly.

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A More Piecemeal Approach

First Tesserae update of the new design. I think it’s swell.

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Failure's Comfort

A quite literal song of the now!


God is in the Gaps

A mysterious gap in the DeviantART header

Another site cleanup project, one for Caby’s art gallery this time. And boy, did it vindicate us.

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It Ends Tonight

A screengrab from a Neurotically Yours cartoon in a Flash projector

My contribution to Flashpoint has finally been fulfilled.


Actually I Might Be Superman, revived, working in Netscape 4

Yeah so I actually got working again it’s a funny story really just sorta happened accidentally

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Live From the Buzz Bin

My thoughts on a potential “demo” release of my custom disc.

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Gonzo the Dissident

Been writing again. Here’s a draft from my notebook for a story involving, of all my lads, Gonzo.

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