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Here I Go, In Circles

A note being so very slightly off the line in FeedBack

Never EVER port a RBN chart to GH2.

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I can’t use tags in the title what the fuck WordPress I thought we were friends

Tesserae homepage

Tesserae relaunches!

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Tesserae Relaunch, Day One

Coming down to the wire here. In no particular order, what I’ve been working on.

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Tesserae From Here on Out

Here’s where I’m going with this Tesserae thing for the foreseeable future.

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Postmortem on the Site Redesign

My old site vs my new site

The site redesign took way less time than expected. Here’s a little recap.

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Hunkering Down

Getting out of the way, getting back to work, starting with my personal site.


Seedless Milk

Blumaroo Cammy!

Blumaroo Cammy’s got a petpage now! This is the extent of my productivity lately, yes.

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Maximum Kurt Cobain

Maximum Kurt Cobain

Can you believe people write this shit?

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Certain Death

Brad Sucks' Out of It

A song I like a lot. Do I need to say more?


Fuck u AAA

Plushie Zafara

Sleepy and on that 2007 shit, lads.

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