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Proper rants. Cammy gets bothered sometimes.

I’m Still Fundamentally Disappointed in Gopher’s Userbase

I’m sure there’s good stuff to see, right? Right?

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The Most Important Album Ever

According to the Gallagher brothers.


Look What Your Money Bought

A commentary on the internet’s favorite band to clown and how “bad bands” are crowned on the whole.

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The Death of the Hobbyist

Don’t quit your day job.

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320kbps (and Other Lossy Audio Voodoo)

I’m basically convinced no one on the internet understands how lossy audio works.


The Desperate, Bottomless Pit of Nirvana Fan Albums

Increasingly absurd fan-made Nirvana albums

Abandon hope. They’re hopped up on cope.

Tags: My Music Collection, Nirvana,

On Website Restoration

A rare philosophical ramble from me!

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HTTPS is a Pyrrhic Victory

WordPress warning about us not using HTTPS

When you’re online, you can be watched. No exceptions, no way around this. Your padlock icon won’t help.

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The Exaggerated Death of Optical

Some of Somnolescent's backup DVD-Rs

The discless age will come when you pry my CD binders from my stiff, bloody mitts.

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Leaving Discord Behind

Somnol Discord backup in progress

The month of ends? The year of ends? Am I even actually leaving Discord? All this and more,,,


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