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Games! I play those sometimes.

And So Life Continues

Our summer garden in Stardew blossoming into lots of grapes

Life in Pelican Town, that is!

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Everybody Knows That You’re Insane

The pack.png hill, but with Cobalt Autumn for textures

So I built a house on pack.png the other day.

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It Ends Tonight

A screengrab from a Neurotically Yours cartoon in a Flash projector

My contribution to Flashpoint has finally been fulfilled.


The Simple Joys

I Am Stupid shirt

Wear this shirt, Felicity. >:3c

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Still working on upgrading my stores, but two of my favorite characters are starting to come into play.

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Frozen Leaf

Started a new town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf recently. Things have been…frosty thusfar >w>

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