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I go places! Not often, but sometimes.

Cammy Sends His Holiday Regards

What I bought this month for December 2021

Tiny little update for the Scratchpad, because no one deserves to be forgotten this time of year.

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You have just sent a nudge.

Escargot Tetris

Hi, sorry about the silence. Here’s some smaller updates.

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In Memory of 37 Kids

Was worried I was gonna break it for some reason

17:05 <Cammy> marryin a beotch, havin 37 keods

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Back to Where We Both Belong

Well, so much for Ohio. Making up for lost time though!

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For the Birds

I can’t just leave that last post as my most recent, can I? Here’s a lighter update.

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The Other Middle of Nowhere

Live from Ohio!

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