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Letting the 2010s Sleep

A slightly less maudlin retrospective, I promise. I figure it’s worth looking back on this decade and writing out my hopes for the next at least a little before we’re into it.

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Back to Where We Both Belong

Well, so much for Ohio. Making up for lost time though!

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For the Birds

I can’t just leave that last post as my most recent, can I? Here’s a lighter update.

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Teenage Emotions

I’m hoping if I write some of it down, I can move past it.

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The Cassette Sideshow

I mean, that’s all a physical album release is at this point, isn’t it?

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The Other Middle of Nowhere

Live from Ohio!

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Big Chunky Rides Again

Work DEFINITELY continues on Tesserae.

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Don’t believe everything you hear. Science is great, but human error is greater. (And please stop trying to sound smart on Discord servers of all things…)


Nuclear Fusion

Nothing tremendous to say today, just rather glad the blog’s back together in one piece.

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Splitting the Atom

Nucleus? More like lysosome.

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