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Creative writing, of the storytelling variety! Getting lads who deserve better somewhere better and vibing all the way there.

Stuck in the Rain

Under the Rain Shadow's book cover

Under the Rain Shadow’s first draft is completed. Things start to close on the Scratchpad.

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The Raccoon Boy to Open for Us

Before I forget to write about it here, Pennyverse! First Pennyverse story of the year! A fairly good omen, in my eyes…

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Seb and the Normal, Wholesome(?) Flu

My final story for the year! Going out on a fuzzy note…

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Asleep at the Trigger

Poor Arthur.

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No Gonzo Left Behind

Just under 4,000 words and seven chapters in a week. Pennyverse has returned.

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Dissident, Part Two

Keeping the momentum going. Remember that Gonzo story from a while back? I got a new place to take it. Here’s a snippet from my writing session last night.

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Arend in the Sky

Writing about those funny little islands in the sky that droop vines down onto the world…

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Sophius, the Incredibly Wholesome Christian Boy

Me threatening to kick borb's ass

New story? From lil ol’ me? Somehow, it’s true!

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A Cockerel at Civil Dawn

Was up writing last night. Here’s a snippet of a short story involving one of my old Calelira lads you’ll see on the Pinede site eventually.

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“Sunrise”, and The Search for a New Body Font

A double header for you today–a new Pennyverse story and some site tweaks to go along with it.

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