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Monthly Mixtape: November 2020

Superdrag's Regretfully Yours

I don’t know if I’ll ever do another, but I said that last time. Here’s some more songs I’ve been into this month.


One Whole Goddamn Motherfucking Year of the Scratchpad

The original theme of the Scratchpad

Well, it’s been a year. Guess it’s as good a time as any to discuss the medium itself, the why, and what’s going forward with it.

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Rediscovering: The Dead Weather’s Horehound

The Dead Weather's Horehound

Final Rediscovering for the year! Let’s discuss a Jack White thing.

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YouTube Deletes My Video for Literally Killing Myself Live on Stream

Me appealing the decision to pull down an innocuous stream

Just a bit of fun, YouTube.


“Sort of like if Queens of the Stone Age were fronted by a total wuss”

One of Misery Inspires' many archived interviews

The final bit I wanted out of Misery Inspires, an archive of 15 years worth of interviews, is live.

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Archives 00 Agent 0:53

The Somnolescent Archives at launch

I needed a spot for all my digital clutter. In came a new subdomain.

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Writing Returns to Gopher!

Small addendum to yesterday’s post! You can now read all the Pennyverse stories over Gopher again, if you’re so inclined.

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Seb and the Normal, Wholesome(?) Flu

My final story for the year! Going out on a fuzzy note…

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More Random Crunchy Nature Photos


It’s getting cold out. My power was out for four-and-a-half hours this morning, and now that it’s back, I’m sleepy, so I’ll just pick up the busywork tomorrow. Have some crunchy pictures I’ve had lying around from back when we were still having nice days in September.

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NoFEMBR Rolls On

My stupidly-named productivity month continues to yield.

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