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Stuck in the Rain

Under the Rain Shadow's book cover

Under the Rain Shadow’s first draft is completed. Things start to close on the Scratchpad.

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Mild Apologies to Richard D. James

Toxic Doom's 6 Mixes for No Cash

New EP with a kinda neat concept behind it, available for download now!


I Am the Warrior

The Warrior, FCed in Guitar Hero II Deluxe 2.0

Victory is mine.

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A Message From a Nonhuman Intelligence

The original version of the FreQuency soundtrack rip artwork

FreQuency soundtrack rip now up and ready for download!

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Guitar Hero II Deluxe: The Road to 2.0

DX, showing off the improved HOPOs, red SP, and author names

A very long announcement and update post I wrote for the DX team on the upcoming re-release of Guitar Hero II Deluxe. Now the notes are shinier!

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Exploring the Ultimate $ony Multi Loader, Part One

My custom demo disc using the U$ML

Or one flavor of it, anyway.

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The Curlie Experiment

Curlie's home page in English

Can you get by these days without using a search engine?

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meanietux? On MY Memory Card?

mari in my virtual PS2, tweaked and relit

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get it working.

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Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

What it looks like when you suck playing GH2DX

Drop on out and spread the news.

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Guitars! Guitars!! Guitars!!!

Judy Nails with a woodgrain SG

GH2DX is getting absurd.

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