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The grand story of a turf war involving two settlement guardians over a cute coastal town, and the brightly colored animal people who become their chess pieces.

Stuck in the Rain

Under the Rain Shadow's book cover

Under the Rain Shadow’s first draft is completed. Things start to close on the Scratchpad.

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NoFEMBR 2021 Begins!

Let’s see how much I can get done before it gets too cold to bother (though I’ll still bother, of course).

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Peak Scratchpad

A big stream of consciousness jumble about things I’ve been really wanting to post on the Scratchpad about.

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The Raccoon Boy to Open for Us

Before I forget to write about it here, Pennyverse! First Pennyverse story of the year! A fairly good omen, in my eyes…

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Writing Returns to Gopher!

Small addendum to yesterday’s post! You can now read all the Pennyverse stories over Gopher again, if you’re so inclined.

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Seb and the Normal, Wholesome(?) Flu

My final story for the year! Going out on a fuzzy note…

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(You Come In) Burned

The covers of Monkey House (left) and Are Sound (right)

A CD has arrived! Also, I just woke up.

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Asleep at the Trigger

Poor Arthur.

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The State of mari in the Year of Our Lord 2020

Something to break up all the music posts I’ve been doing lately. Pennyverse and plans for the rest of the year and suchlike.

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No Gonzo Left Behind

Just under 4,000 words and seven chapters in a week. Pennyverse has returned.

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