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A web design primer and manual written for my less technical friends.

NoFEMBR Rolls On

My stupidly-named productivity month continues to yield.

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Drawing Shapes With Markup

A bit on Tesserae with my first-ever handwritten SVGs

An update on Tesserae with more going on than it looks.

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Tidying Up the Forge

The Forge's front page

And to close out a slow month that saw me spend half of it in a game, here’s a restored old website dedicated to that game–and important to me in other ways too.

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Scattered July Updates

Smaller updates on a bunch of my projects. Gotta smash April’s post record somehow, yeah?

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A More Piecemeal Approach

First Tesserae update of the new design. I think it’s swell.

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I can’t use tags in the title what the fuck WordPress I thought we were friends

Tesserae homepage

Tesserae relaunches!

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Tesserae Relaunch, Day One

Coming down to the wire here. In no particular order, what I’ve been working on.

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Tesserae From Here on Out

Here’s where I’m going with this Tesserae thing for the foreseeable future.

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In a Blanket Haze of Ephedrine

And I’m wondering where the hell I’ve been. One of these days shit will calm down…until then, here’s another miscellaneous update!

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Big Chunky Rides Again

Work DEFINITELY continues on Tesserae.

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