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A formerly very large and now-defunct indie music distribution platform that lasted roughly from 1998 to 2003. Almost all of the music on there has since been lost.

MP3.com Lives On, Part 2

MP3.com Life Out of Bounds

Our final look, and my final word, on the topic. More sample music though!

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MP3.com Lives On (on CD-ROM)

The MP3.com Music and Technology Tour CD

All is not lost! On silver discs, the MP3.com library partially survives.

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Actually I Might Be Superman

MP3.com, revived, working in Netscape 4

Yeah so I actually got MP3.com working again it’s a funny story really just sorta happened accidentally

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How Did MP3.com Play MP3s?

Netscape Navigator displaying MIME preferences

Through their archived help documents, we can answer this question.

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A Follow-Up to MP3.com

Early MP3.com DAM jewel case

Some things I left out of the original post and checking in on some old users.

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The Tragedy of MP3.com

MP3.com's homepage in 2000

A fallen behemoth that’s left not a trace–unless you know where to look.

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