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General happenings with no specific topic in mind.

Art and cammy.somnol

Setter holding a sign telling visitors what's going on!

Did you know I draw?

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Our Plucky Little Hometown AM Station

Somnolescent Radio One

Talking about radio! Somnolescent Radio. Online.

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…From Some Other Beginning’s End

An important announcement about the Scratchpad! You probably figured this was coming…

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Cammy Sends His Holiday Regards

What I bought this month for December 2021

Tiny little update for the Scratchpad, because no one deserves to be forgotten this time of year.

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An Announcement is Being Made in Sound

Brief little update before the month’s out…

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NoFEMBR 2021 Begins!

Let’s see how much I can get done before it gets too cold to bother (though I’ll still bother, of course).

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Peak Scratchpad

A big stream of consciousness jumble about things I’ve been really wanting to post on the Scratchpad about.

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On the Tape Transfers Post


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What Am I Using the Scratchpad For?

Late night rambles about why the Scratchpad’s slowed down a bit. (Surprise, it’s not because I haven’t been busy…)

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What’s to Come From Me

Brief little post itemizing what I promise I’m up to.


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