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Both an exploration-themed modpack for Minecraft 1.7.10 I made, and the resulting fantasy world for me, Caby, and the group that it inspired.

Some Pinède, Some Fantasies for March

The Pinede bible page on crystallum

Getting right back into the swing of blogging about things and working on stuff. Here’s some proof I have not just been subsisting off chips, lollipops, and my former cocaine habit.

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Useful Music

Ambition is mine, and it’s heavy as lead.

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Arend in the Sky

Writing about those funny little islands in the sky that droop vines down onto the world…

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A Cockerel at Civil Dawn

Was up writing last night. Here’s a snippet of a short story involving one of my old Calelira lads you’ll see on the Pinede site eventually.

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