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I don’t take photos quite like a certain lynx lad does, but I still find it fun. Here’s a few shots.

More Random Crunchy Nature Photos


It’s getting cold out. My power was out for four-and-a-half hours this morning, and now that it’s back, I’m sleepy, so I’ll just pick up the busywork tomorrow. Have some crunchy pictures I’ve had lying around from back when we were still having nice days in September.

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The First Photos I Took With BitCam

The fountain out on the DMZ

For posterity, here’s some old BitCam shots and a bit of a ramble about dithering algorithms.

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You have just sent a nudge.

Escargot Tetris

Hi, sorry about the silence. Here’s some smaller updates.

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In Memory of 37 Kids

Was worried I was gonna break it for some reason

17:05 <Cammy> marryin a beotch, havin 37 keods

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A Pinkish Sky From the Wildfires

Crunchy sunset

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