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Boxset, Update #7: Sound of Dentage is Mine

Final disc one cover for Sound of Dentage


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How to Make a Mix CD

Some mix CDs I recently burned

I gotcha, dcb.

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Boxset, Update #6: Charley Cross is a Fucking Clown

Sound of Dentage, disc three, likely final running order

Closing Time. The last of the discs, plus a whole bunch on the interpersonal, messy side of the band’s affairs.

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Rediscovering: Queens of the Stone Age’s …Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age's Like Clockwork

I blow my load over the status quo, here we go.

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Boxset, Update #5: You Really Like My Limousine

Sound of Dentage, disc one, likely final running order

We have a disc one order I’m happy with now! (And some other quick updates towards the end…)

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GHE:360 Releasing Soon!

The new GHE:360 splash screen


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Amplitude Soundtrack Rip Posted!

My cover art for my Amplitude rip

It’s super sprode.

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I Want to Be Synthesized

Amplitude's Soundtrack mode

And no headache-inducing visuals to go along with it!

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Boxset, Update #4: Changing My Name and Cutting My Hair

Potential disc two cover for Sound of Dentage

Or changing its name and cutting the clutter, perhaps.

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Boxset, Update #3: Oh God Fucking Stop Me I’m Downloading More Shit

Downloading another 4GB of Nirvana garbage

I never quite know when to quit, do I?

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