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You know it, I know it, we both love it. Caby and I made a mod for this one that replaced all the villagers with animal people, because of course we did.

Fell in Love at 22

The tree!

Happy three years of Cabycammy!

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NoFEMBR 2021 Begins!

Let’s see how much I can get done before it gets too cold to bother (though I’ll still bother, of course).

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Boxset, Update #5: You Really Like My Limousine

Sound of Dentage, disc one, likely final running order

We have a disc one order I’m happy with now! (And some other quick updates towards the end…)

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And So Life Continues

Our summer garden in Stardew blossoming into lots of grapes

Life in Pelican Town, that is!

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You Sleep Deeper Than I Do

Our characters in Stardew Valley

Hi, happy one year of CabyCammy. I’ve been…mostly playing vidya, admittedly.

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