Thank You for Everything, Scratchpad

As of today, the Scratchpad is now superseded.

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The Results of the Rediscovering!

How the Rediscovering pile broke down

Let’s talk about how this all broke down in the end.

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Rediscovering: Chevelle’s Wonder What’s Next

Chevelle's Wonder What's Next

Welcome. We’ve made it to the end.

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Our final look, and my final word, on the topic. More sample music though!

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Rediscovering: The White Stripes’ White Blood Cells

The White Stripes' White Blood Cells

Maybe the camera crew on the cover is more poetic than I initially thought.

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Art and cammy.somnol

Setter holding a sign telling visitors what's going on!

Did you know I draw?

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Rediscovering: Live’s Throwing Copper

Live's Throwing Copper

We begin to tackle the final three Rediscoverings!

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Exploring the Ultimate $ony Multi Loader, Part Two

The U$ML "pack-in loader" variant

A follow-up to my other exploration post a couple months ago!

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Rediscovering EXTRA: Garbage’s Strange Little Birds

Garbage's Strange Little Birds

I still sound like I don’t like them, don’t I?

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Stuck in the Rain

Under the Rain Shadow's book cover

Under the Rain Shadow’s first draft is completed. Things start to close on the Scratchpad.

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