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Songs I’ve written and albums coming out sometime with my name on them.

Mild Apologies to Richard D. James

Toxic Doom's 6 Mixes for No Cash

New EP with a kinda neat concept behind it, available for download now!


Strong Alcohol

Apologies to the Disco Jellyfish, by Caby

aphrodisiac: part three. Where we go from here.

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Yellow Bug/Postage Stamps

Not one, but TWO mtlx songs uncovered!

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“They’re Special…and You Need to Respect That”

RouteNote earning graph

Minor addendum to yesterday’s post, explaining a fuckup on RouteNote’s part that made me a cool $550 in the process.

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My master copy of the Various Murky Basements CD-R

aphrodisiac: part two. The rise.

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Horny Goat Weed

Here Come Monsters

aphrodisiac: part one. Before It got any good.

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Yet another deserted urban complex?

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Another Deserted Urban Complex

A track I uh, brought back from the past. In stunning hi-fi play too.

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