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And So Life Continues

Our summer garden in Stardew blossoming into lots of grapes

Life in Pelican Town, that is!

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Rediscovering: The Hives’ Lex Hives

The Hives' Lex Hives

A short Rediscovering for a short album, because frankly, listening to it says all I need to.

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I Came for the Surf

The Seamount Navigator, as seen in Netscape

How delightfully tropical.

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Look What Your Money Bought

A commentary on the internet’s favorite band to clown and how “bad bands” are crowned on the whole.

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Rediscovering EXTRA: Soundgarden’s King Animal

Soundgarden's King Animal

I, too, have been away for too long. Away from the Rediscoverings! Let’s fix that.

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Discs and Colored Circles

The Trippolette chart in-game

First release of 2021! And apparently, Dawn works great for cleaning DVDs.

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