Cammy Sends His Holiday Regards

Nice haul from the local record store today! First time I’ve been there in well over two years. None of the staff nor the owner were masked or gave a shit about masks, good times. I spent a good hour and a half picking through half the store and excitedly telling anyone who’d listen about what I just found. About flipped my shit when I saw that copy of Businessmen and Ghosts, which has been an album I’ve wanted since December 2019. Was $7, thank you sir! Got it playing right now, loudly.

What I bought this month for December 2021
I wanted to keep it mostly to stuff I already knew I liked so I didn’t therefore add more to the Rediscovering pile…

Also ordered some Caby art on canvas for my mom for Christmas. It’s of our dog, no worries, no furries. Wrapped it with the plastic still on it, not sure if I should’ve taken that off.

A drawing of our dog Ralphie printed on canvas
Really nice print, really good service. Amusingly, Caby works on such gigantic canvasses (in her art program) that they recommended a size of like a foot and a half for this one, but this is only 12×12.

This late in the year, I’m mostly tying up loose ends and working on the year recap for the group blog. If you missed my recent post on there about getting the gang back together after you get put through the wringer by the government, the public, and by life, check it out. One of those classic Cammy December epiphanies that makes me feel a little comfier inside after I’ve had it.

Really, by default, thanks to this year ending so warmly and on such good terms with everybody, this has been the best Christmas I’ve had in years–and it’s not even here yet. Thinking the big day will go nicely as well. Caby and I plan on calling and she wants to see me too, and I am happy to oblige!

I’ve been horribly neglectful of the Scratchpad for everything but Rediscoverings, and I don’t think that’ll change any time soon. I do have an announcement to make after the Rediscoverings are over, and a few more posts I’d like to do for old times sake, to wrap up a few sagas from long, long ago.

For now, enjoy your Christmas, everyone! I’m gonna go listen to the Cardigans when this is over.

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