Actually I Might Be Superman

You’ve crossed the finish line
Won the race, but lost your mind, revived, working in Netscape 4

Was it worth it
After all?

Okay, I actually have shit to do, and this isn’t finished, but yes, all the song streaming links work. No stylesheets, just pure cock and ball torture, so it took a couple hours of HTML cleanup to go from this:

<td nowrap><phrase><font face="arial,helvetica" size="-2"><a href="" onclick="checkMimetype('audio/x-mpegurl', '');return false" onmouseover="window.status='Click here to stream this MP3';return true">Hi Fi Play</a> (128 kbps)</font></phrase></td>

To this:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2" width="150">
<!-- Song stream links -->
<!-- Lo-fi play -->
<td><a href="at_ghostgrove_point_lofi.m3u"><img src="../../assets/play_lofi.gif" border="0" alt="Play this Track in Lo Fi"></a></td>
<td><font face="arial,helvetica" size="-2"><a href="at_ghostgrove_point_lofi.m3u">Lo Fi Play</a> (24 kbps)</font></td>
<!-- Hi-fi play -->
<td><a href="at_ghostgrove_point.m3u"><img src="../../assets/play_one.gif" border="0" alt="Play this Track in Hi Fi"></a></td>
<td><font face="arial,helvetica" size="-2"><a href="at_ghostgrove_point.m3u">Hi Fi Play</a> (128 kbps)</font></td>
<!-- Download -->
<td><a href="at_ghostgrove_point.mp3"><img src="../../assets/download.gif" border="0" alt="Download this Track"></a> </td>
<td><font face="arial,helvetica" size="-2"><a href="at_ghostgrove_point.mp3">Download</a> (4.1 MB)</font></td>

I mean, I had to, right? I had to. Apologies to my wife, I’ll stop dicking around now.

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  2. mariteaux Says:

    these things just happen sometimes man :pensive: