Art by my friend Caby - thank you!

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Hi! I'm dcb, and this is my personal site. I put a variety of stuff here, such as links I find, and random pages I wanna write up.

I'm a hobbyist in a lot of things. I have a captivation for old technology, and love bumbling around with old to old-ish computers to see what they can do, and how they can still be useful in the present day. I also like drawing, though I'm still quite new to it, and coming up with characters. The lynx fellow on the right is Lince, my main 'sona', or character I use to represent myself! The art on the right is by my friend Caby, thank you!


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Download videos on old computers. It's hosted on Replit, so RetroZilla or
another TLS 1.2-supported browser is required. This includes Opera Mini
for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices.
An archival project for applications to run on Windows 2000 and later!
Check out Gopher from your browser.

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