In the early summer, while messing about with my WebPC, I learned that I could connect a portable radio to the computer's microphone jack and monitor audio from it to the computer's speakers. This setup also allowed me to record off-air.

I used a couple programs: CoolEdit 2000, and XP's built-in sound recorder. You could use either, CoolEdit 2000 is more full-featured, but I quite like XP's recorder in that it feels rather analog: loading a 30 minute wav file of silence is equivalent to using a 30 minute blank "tape", where it will record to the end and then stop.

To encode the files to mp3, I initially used MP3 Compressor, though I later found that Xing was much faster and sounded a bit better, so I started using that instead. (If ya like mp3 encoders and that other such, Cammy did some cool research on how they stack up, check it out.)

Here's some of my off-air recordings, with any information I can give on them. It's small, but my hope is that this can be an interesting taste of the FM stations around my area. Apologies for the lack of specific times.


Capture Song(s) Bits of commentary? Date
5:17 "Levitate" - James Francies End 6-7-2021 (~7 pm)
4:00 "Mondo Max" - David Feily End 6-7-2021 (~5 pm)

YourClassical MPR

Capture Song(s) Bits of commentary? Date
12:47 "Winged Creatures" - Michael Abels Beginning & end 6-9-2021 (~10 am)
13:18 "Polly Hollow" - Matthew Jackfert
Beginning & end 6-9-2021 (~10 am)
6:37 "Fiddler's Galaxy" - Kenneth Frazelle (composer)
 - Jeffrey Kahane (piano)
 - Joseph Swensen (violin/'fiddle')
Podcast episode notes
Beginning & end 6-2-2021 (~10 am)
1:42 The Broom Of Cowdenknows (Partial) End 6-2-2021 (~12 pm)
9:22 Concerto for 2 Beginning & end 6-2-2021 (~1 pm)

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