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The PowerPoint Cram System(tm)
aka, how to compile an outline of a semester full of PowerPoint presentations really quickly

AP Physics 1

Dr. Wicks' AP Physics 1 First Semester Review Sheet
Dr. Wicks' AP Physics 1 Second Semester Review Sheet
Jacob's Physics, Physics 1 Full Year Facts Sheet
2020 Exam Official Sample Questions
oPhysics: Interactive Physics Simulations


Review materials with solutions
Not a lot of specific Pre-Calc content but some good stuff on Algebra and Trig
Solutions and calculators

AP US History
Chapter outlines, vocabulary, practice tests, topic outlines, timelines, court cases, sample essays
A Sutori Timeline
Another timeline, pdf format
APUSH 1999 Cram Packet
Out of Many AP Edition Note Site
Adam Norris' APUSH Periods in 10 Minutes Playlist
Boundless U.S. History
APUSH Healthy Cram Packet_Ellim Kim (
Boundless US History
AP Computer Science A (new links)
AP Computer Science A Java Quick Reference (
ap11_comp_sci_a_quick_reference_guide_for 2012.doc (
Microsoft Word - AP Cram Sheet.doc (
AP Computer Science in 60 Minutes (Java) - YouTube
AP Computer Science A Exam Free-Response Question and Scoring Information Archive – AP Students | College Board
AP CS A Java Course — AP CSAwesome (

AP Lang

Spanish Writing Tips