Our site network features banner ads for various indie and old-school websites, plus some more joking ones of our creation. These ads are tiny little GIFs (468x60, like God intended) and have absolutely no mechanism by which to track you, so no worries about that. If you don't see them, or only this one loads, you probably have an adblocker or JavaScript disabled.

Advertisement example

Advertising with Somnolescent

If you'd like this coveted adspace for yourself, send a 468x60 GIF and the URL for which it to correspond to webmaster@somnolescent.net. At some point, we'll put it into rotation at our discretion (so no, don't send us vaporwave bullshit or eyestrain, it's not going up). Good ads or ads for neat old websites get extra points, so be creative.

Embedding our ads on your own site

The nice thing about the ad script is that, pending mixed content blocks our overlords at Google implemented to "keep us safe", it's domain-agnostic. You can have a nice, rotating supply of neat, bizarre banner ads for your own site using only a bit of drop-in HTML, and if we update the script, your ads will update too. Here's the quick start guide:

1. Download the placeholder and stuff it somewhere

Here's the placeholder. We usually have an images/ directory, but it can go wherever you like on your site, of course. (I suppose you don't need this, but it helps keep your page from wobbling while it all loads in. Plus, if it fails to load, your layout won't go wonky.)

2. Drop the ad markup where you want it on the page

<div class="ad_container">
	<a href="http://somnolescent.net/" name="adLink1"><img src="/web/somnol_v3/images/adblank.gif" alt="Advertisement" name="ad1"></a><br>
	<small><a href="http://somnolescent.net/advertising/">Want your ad here?</a></small>

Drop this into your page exactly like you would an image or an audio embed or what have you. (Change the image source if you put that placeholder somewhere else in your files.) The ad won't be styled—you'll have to style it yourself so it matches with your site!

3. Embed the script at the end of the body element

<script src="http://somnolescent.net/ads.js"></script>

This should be the very last line of your page body. If you'd prefer to defer load it in some fancier way, go ahead, but that's the way we do it. (You can view this page's source to get an idea how it's all implemented around here.)

4. (If you're using HTTPS!) Upgrade insecure requests

If you just went "Whoa, remote JavaScript over HTTP! That's pretty grody, man."—I hate you. But yes, it's not "correct practice" and browsers will block it for being "mixed content" if your page loads over HTTPS. Add this somewhere inside the head element, or change the script URL to https://:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="upgrade-insecure-requests">

If you're using standard HTTP (like God intended), it won't throw a fit about it. If your page loads over both HTTP and HTTPS, upgrade-insecure-requests is the way to go, because the browser will handle it automatically depending on the way the page loaded.

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