So, these are my Neopets! For one reason or another, TNT froze my account.. so now they live here.

These lads'll play a role in a lil world called Aidew. It's pretty freeform at the moment but I'm thinking sorta vibey Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but with Neopets.

Name / TH Colour / Species Pet Unconverted Pet Img
Apache Plushie Lupe Apachel plushie lupe
Beo Tyrannian Bori BeocitiestheSecond tyrannian bori
Belmari Red Kougra Belmari red kougra
Bzward Faerie Buzz Bzward faerie buzz

Whilst I'm at it, I also have a Neopetsona whose name is Cedrus, or Cedar! His main design is a brown Bori. There's a bit of art of him on the art page, and toyhou.se.