Timigi.com - Microsoft V-Chat

Video/tutorial by barra on V-Chat on Windows 10 using dgVoodoo:

step 1: install v-chat 2.0 (duh!) from http://timigi.com/Stuff/Archive/vchat...
step 2: download dgVoodoo, obviously search about how dgVoodoo works.
step 3: paste files of dgVoodoo in the same directory at VCHAT20.exe (D3DImm.dll, d3drm.dll and DDraw.dll)
step 4: when you install software from like past decades, it will works differently on a newer OS, in this case, some folders disappear when it shouldn't, so you need this and extract it in the same directory as before: http://cdn.discordapp.com/attachment...
step 5: before you run every time on this program, open up in administrator. is for allowing features like "favourites", and joining virtual worlds without problems.

You can get d3drm.dll from here or from me.