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KnProxy Browser
Helps access some newer HTTPS sites. And yeah, the logo's in Japanese, it's a script I found online and haven't edited yet.
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April 2022


March 2022

Waterfalls of the Great Lakes Region and Beyond
Bootdisk.Com - Free Windows Bootdisks, Free DOS boot disk
Cygwin for Windows XP – fast mirror | boltblog

January 2022

MEGAsync Client Portable Windows XP x86 32bit : : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
MEGAcmd Setup 1 3 0 0 RC 2 Windows XP SP3 32bit : : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
The Rosetta Stone PowerPac : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
NPS Image Editor and Color Picker. Now with layers. - NPS Image Editor
A pretty sweet Microsoft Paint alternative I found while looking for a YPbPr color picker for some Robotics vision stuff. Runs on XP or later, .NET Framework 4.0 required. If on XP, download the zip, I hadn't gotten the setup exe to run.

December 2021

Repurposing Thin Clients
A Self-Learning, Modern Computer Science Curriculum
Learn Calculus from Scratch in 15 Days
Animal Photo Album
John's Midi File Choral Music site - Composer List
MidiPlay - A Windows program for playing Midi files
Science Class - Welcome
Learn to make a magnetic compass and stuff!
Icecast Streaming Media Server
Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio
Icecast Streaming Media Server
Another Music Project; IDM/Electronic radio station
Last updated 2006. Neat layout and many travel pictures!
Perlisisms - "Epigrams in Programming" by Alan J. Perlis
78 will shock you!
The Joys of the Craft (Programming Extracts at Davar Web Site)
The Woes of the Craft (Programming Extracts at Davar Web Site)
BASICA Zen or Real Men Program in "C" (PC Extracts at Davar Web Site)
Replace C with Rust, I dare you
Random Tagline Sample (Internet HTMLScript at Davar Web Site)
I had no clue HTMLScript was a thing, but it is and it's kinda fascinating.


Internet Search
VisiBone Touch-Typing Tutor
Polykarbon: Tutorials! - Starry Night
Index of /pub/microsoft/visual studio 2005 express edition/Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition/
PSCIndex/ at master · Planet-Source-Code/PSCIndex · GitHub
theForger's Win32 API Tutorial
Basic Input/Output - C++ Tutorials - Software Downloads - No ads, no crapware, no B.S. - 100% Donation supported