Valve Developer Union

The Valve Developer Union was my attempt at preserving the tools and knowledgebase of mapping for Quake and engines based on it, both in the technical and high-level sense. It's now defunct, but VDU@IceQuake is a mirror of everything that was posted to it, if you'd like to read my work.

Valve Developer Union

Music Reviews

This one's got its own page, just for growth's sake.

I'm kinda amazed there aren't more reviewers on Neocities. After all, what this site really needs are more loud people spouting opinions, so I'm setting an example, dammit.

Maybe not, but I like a lot of these albums, and if you're weird like me and like lo-fi, noisy rock records, you'll probably like them too. Spotify links will be available at the conclusion of each piece for convenience.

mariteaux Unplugged

The bulk of my Neocities-exclusive writing is here, in lovely 56k-vision. No frills, just text. Jump in the fire.