I post assorted miscellaneous stuff to my YouTube account. I'm streaming pretty regularly (Saturday evenings!), so if you like old shooters and twitchy arcade games, subscribe and pop in sometime.

Other Neocities Projects

I'm pretty busy with the other Neocities sites I run, and I'm currently preparing a few more for launch. I'm the project lead behind Districts, which is a site directory for Neocities sites, and IceQuake, which is a hub for info and patches for old computer games. Their buttons are in my footer, if you haven't noticed.

My Conglom-O Directory

yoshi295295 hosts this communal FTP directory thing, called Conglom-O (Rocko <3). It's pretty good if you need to back up some stuff, or get around the Neocities file whitelist. Here's my directory, which is a backup of all the downloadable goodies off my site, plus some games I bought legally, but you're pirating. Hit him up if you want an account, it's good.


I'm on Discord an awful lot (working on that though). Add me at mariteaux#1020 if you wanna chat. I'm also active in the Neocities Districts server.

Friends on Neocities

If you wanna check out some more Neocities sites, here's a few I like. We need more sites like 'em.

Arkm's World dotcomboom The International Owltech Initiative potassiumMCR Bug Land Gwta's Gravelpit MerlinXP Akselmo ToontownDB strata Days of Pride Squawks quick snippets lempamo!