Music of My Own

aphrodisiac—This Nadir

I produced a few demos throughout the rest of 2016, intending them for a follow-up tentatively called This Nadir. I hit a pretty nasty spot of writer's block, though, and I never quite finished it. I remember wanting to write some more ambient pieces, and in particular, "Looking Up" came from that.

Unfortunately, some of these renders (mostly "Apologies to the Disco Jellyfish") are missing samples, and I'm not terribly sure I can reconstruct them the way they were. Sorry if they sound a little empty.

No. Name Stream
1. This Nadir
2. Looking Up
3. Apologies to the Disco Jellyfish
4. Ghostgrove Point

You can also grab all these demos as a ZIP: FLAC, MP3 V0

Various Murky Basements

aphrodisiac—Various Murky Basements

My first proper release was May 2016's Various Murky Basements EP. It's six tracks of varying kinds of noise. Sometimes, it's synths run through virtual guitar amps. Other times, it's booming drum machines run through MP3 encoders at 32kbps to sound like washing machines. "Lauren" is just a video run through reverb 30 times. (The cover art comes from the same fucked up camera stills as my site banners.)

It was a spirited time in my life, and I think the EP turned out pretty well for a bunch of demos I threw out for free. You can find it on YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc. (No, none of the other Aphrodisiac projects on Spotify are mine.)

Here's a link to a review from Yeah I Know It Sucks, who review lots of weird, obscure netlabel stuff, sometimes in proper English. They liked it.

No. Name Stream
1. Various Murky Basements
2. Mind Left for Seattle
3. A Membrane's Virtuous Sky
4. The Rhesus Monkeys in Floaroma
5. Lauren
6. Caleb

Alternatively, download the whole album as a ZIP: FLAC, MP3 V0

Remasters and Restorations

I've done a few remasters of albums I like that originally had loud, damaged mixes. So far, that's been two Brad Sucks releases (Out of It and Guess Who's a Mess), and State Shirt's This is Old. I'm always looking for more albums worthy of a cleanup, but stems are hard to come by, even on CCmixter.

I also did this restore job on Dave Grohl's infamous Pocketwatch tape, during his time as Nirvana's drummer. I restored this one from a big batch of demo tape transfers done by Foo Fighters Live, and I'm fairly certain it's the best-sounding source for these tracks out there. Download a copy, they're good.