Level Design


Quake has been my stomping ground since mid-2017. Something about breakneck action and grimy, pleasingly dark and blocky worlds filled with Shoggoths just clicked with me, I guess. I have experience in most level editors I've been able to get running, and I've got a handful of maps out, with more in the works, and potentially a remaster of the main campaign itself. I've a lot to learn still, but who doesn't?

Temple of the Strange The Drop

Guitar Hero and clones

Guitar Hero II was love at first sight for me, as a young Eevee with totally unsupervised internet access. The twitchy, score attack goodness mixed with the excellent tracklist that jumpstarted my inner music geek still keeps me coming back, over ten years since I first found it. Later, I graduated to Rock Band drums, got really good at Rock Band drums, and broke many kits in the process. Good times.

Most recently, I've been at work on charting (creating the note chart for) some songs I like for Guitar Hero and its many clones (Phase Shift, Clone Hero, etc). Here's a sample of my work. If you like both Creative Commons indie rock and playing plastic guitar and wish to marry the two, I have just the thing to suit your oddly-specific needs.

I've also been one of the main contributors behind documenting the early Guitar Hero games and demos for The Cutting Room Floor, which is a really excellent site to kill a bunch of time on.


I'm not a big fan of a lot of the modpacks out there for Minecraft. They tend to be bloated, aimless, and filled with totally incompatible, junky mods. Because of this, in early 2017, I teamed up with Bulbizarre to create a modpack based on a fantasy writing project of ours, Elinar.

This became Pinède. The goal: plants, weaponry, exploration, decoration, forty mods or less. We based it on Minecraft 1.7.10, before it became total wank. Check the mod list and don't hesitate to give it a try.