2018/09/30 - Brick is red

Wrote a followup to my nostalgiamining rant a few nights ago, this one on Neocities' general lack of passion, creativity, or sense of adventure. This is a sentiment I've heard echoed by friends for weeks now, and I wanted to put out an official call to action to anyone who'd listen. People listened (thanks all). Still not entirely satisfied with the way I wrote it, but it gets its point across, given how annoyed I was when I wrote it.

Not much progress on the web front. Districts and IceQuake are on pause right now, basically. Working instead on Elinar, my personal writing world, aaaaaaand new fucking Quake map.

Yeah, I'm back at it. If you like bricks and you like buttons you shoot, stay tuned.

2018/09/22 - Ice age upon catastrophic ice age of selection

The second of the three sites I'm launching this fall is finally out! IceQuake, we call it, and it's all about retro FPS and computer games. Some people found the name a bit tricky, because it's not exclusively about Quake, but I don't mind. On its own, the name sounds actiony, like the earth shattering into millions of razor-sharp ice chunks. Plus I'm not in the mood to come up with better names.

IceQuake was yoshi295295's, once upon a time, but I completely rebuilt the site and added the VDU@IceQuake bits, since it fits with the topic. I still have to transfer the guides, but all of the tools are up on there right now, just like how they were on the old VDU site. This is how it used to look, by the way.

Work continues on Districts as well. We're going through with a major visual overhaul, courtesy of Capy, and some methodology changes in the way we sort things. We're shifting from content-based sorting (which left us with the mess that is Queensbridge) to interest-based, with the idea being you'll find sites with stuff you wanna read and people you wanna meet. Yes, that all-important social aspect.

I know it's a bit dumb that I'm out working on other sites more than my own, but that's alright. I'll be back to this when I'm back to listening to albums no one's ever heard of, or making music, or Quake mapping. This has been a really hyper, busy fall so far, between school, making up with old friends, meeting new ones, writing, and Neocities projects. This is easily my longest update to date, that should tell you something. Mostly, I'm just excited to get back to warm, fuzzier, more familiar territory once this hailstorm is over.

For now, though, give those a follow and be on the lookout for more updates to the both of them.

2018/09/17 - New machines

I now have Supporters. I now have direct copies of all my maps and music on this very site, plus some extra old demos because I like you. Any new demos go right on this site as well.

Discuss the implications of this in 300-450 words.

2018/09/13 - C'mon, sort your trash

Over a week without an update! Shocking, I know. No, I have not forgotten about Neocities, nor has the onslaught of academic sophistry left me dead out in front of Beekey, I promise. A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff is taking me some time to get out to all of you, but one of those sites is kinda semi-launching as we speak:

Districts! Modern-day DMOZ for Neocities. Lempamo and Capy are helping me with it. Still very much a WIP, and we're adding sites every day, so give that shit a follow. A Discord link and a cute, overworked yellow-and-blue armadillo will be made available to you shortly thereafter.

Since I like to keep this site going with content every time I update this page, how about a review? Apologies to the Queen Mary can finally be taken off my to-do list, thank God. In short: it's a wreck. I'm glad I have balls, having heard it.

Speaking of being a wreck, me, because I got sick! Fucking ace. Still sound like I'm holding my nose constantly, a week later. Work continues no matter what, though. I've got two more sites to launch...

2018/09/03 - I wanna get this over quickly

Took a bit to clean up my stylesheet and some miscellaneous broken links and loose ends around here. The site now renders properly on phones. Before, tables and images would all be super small compared to the giant text, and now they're all fixed and rendering nicely. Hopefully this works on yours too, because it looks great on mine.

I wrote a big rant on what I call "nostalgiamining" the other day (the art of making your site intentionally look like shit because it's "retro" and you're uncreative), and people seemed to like it. You can find that in the unplugged section if you missed it. Another low-bit review too, this one on lost kluster's Blogging.

Remember kids, blogging is still uncool, which is why I'm doing it right now.