Caby's Art Fight Archive


Every year, in the month of July, a website called runs an event known as Art Fight. Every participant is put into one of two teams, and the aim of the game is to garner the most points by the end of the month. To gain points, you have to draw for people in the opposite team. You have a profile where you upload your characters, their names, their reference sheets, their bios, and hope that someone draws a funky picture of them! You can either attack them in return, or attack someone else from the same team as them. The amount of points won are dependent on how big or complex the drawing is. It's a very fun event, as relaxed or as competitive as you wish it to be, and I've participated every year since 2019.

This humble little subsite is an archive of everything I've drawn for the event, organised into pages depending on the year. Very kindly put together by Cammy, and decorated/rambled on by me! Clicking on images will show them in full, and clicking on the names beneath them will take you to the pages of the characters' owners. Please note, these are not visible unless you have an account.

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