Caby's Art Fight 2020

A ridiculously busy Art Fight. I fixated horribly and felt the strong urge to make sure I attacked back everyone who attacked me, as well as the urge to empty my to-do list on my Trello. This resulted in 101 entries, including paintings, animations, pixel art, and lots and lots of headshots. Part of the urge was to make sure I matched them in points, which meant matching them in detail. I did enjoy this year, and it was fun to see all the lovely art other people made, but in the end I got very burnt out and didn't draw for several months.

Still, much to look at here, so it's not all bad. :D

Team: Spice
Attacks: 82
Friendy Fire: 19
Total: 101
Outcome: Winner!

Lou Sasha Easter Calo Jerri Liekos
Ai Persona 1 Mikey Cinnamon Ashleap (animated!) Orion
Luna Xia Heimdal Taxi Alexandra Nephtys
Alexis Cloud (animated!) Alligator Adrian Vegas Julia
Jay/Audure Abby Flynn Primrose Belmont Imag
Sarah Jolly Jamboree Dylan Eithne Uni Vesper/Lumi
Emmie Boots Lady Why Chamomile Mallorie (animated!) Ada
Elsinore Cherry Pink Noir Violet Kanna Liberty
Lei Rita Dexter Stella Deeno Flan Smeagley

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