Caby's Art Fight 2022

This year was... chaotic? I had a lot I wanted to do and I think I managed most of it, despite a couple setbacks, most noticeably a flare up of RSI in my wrist on my dominant hand. Because of this reason, I had to wait out a couple days in the middle of the month, though I still hit 50 attacks! I sped through the last 10 or so in the last couple days and then collapsed on the 31st.. Super fun year despite that though, happy with every attack I made and I think overall my output was more consistent and confident.

Super happy with how my style has stabilised, I feel!

Team: Bloom
Attacks: 32
Friendly Fire: 18
Total: 50
Outcome: Won! :D

Somnolians! Alex Amber Pepper Kyra Liffy
Frankie June Melody/Cerise Moo Edgar/Michelle Fizzy
Ellen Kuroyuki PlumX Rey Bianca Jay/Neemah
Orchidee Carani Sophy Myla Pink lads Oliver
Basil Winston/Lola Devon Sasha Kismet Puppy
Bede Honey Nio Charlie Rae Eerie
Persimmon Mahogany Ella Valentine (the other) Honey Taffi
Eirian Crowe Woolly Ponies Mabel Princess Ophelia
Arthur Somnolians! (again!)