Caby's Art Fight 2019

My first year! I'd known about Art Fight for a few years, and I have recollections about making an account in 2017, but not posting at all. I've since forgotten the name of that account, so it's lost to the ether. So instead, this is my first year. I was encouraged to join by my friend Borb, who had been actively taking part for years by that point.

Despite the site's awful uptime this year, and the fact I was in holiday in France for a chunk of the latter end of it (which is why some of this is in pencil! I'd save refsheets on my laptop while at an internet cafe, draw them in my sketchpad back at the caravan, and then upload them the next time we visited the internet cafe), I had a bunch of fun with it, even getting into two revenge chains! Ah, good memories...

Team: Dreams
Attacks: 35
Friendy Fire: 2
Total: 37
Outcome: Lost! -_-

Clau Fleamur Indigo Sam Mouse Chesire
Honey Minx r1c3 Kr1spY Mwatabu/Faziwia Billy Glitchie
Ai Aro Kailu Saul Polaris/Caby Zeek
Fun Dip Dutch Daysha (borb's) Sam Nikita Pepper
Miyo (animated!) Leo Varian Lan Chelsea Apache
Dank Smooch Raz Polaris Phantom Scatta LSD