Other places on the web to find my work and contact me!

IRC The public IRC channel is now open! #somnol on Slashnet! Feel free to come chat, we've also got a Minecraft server for IRC regulars, if you so wish~
Discord Pretty much online the whole time I'm awake, will likely get a response within a day if not within minutes. Known to lurk in servers :pensive:
EMail For if you're old school~ I'm not great at remembering to check my email, so no hard feelings if it takes me a while to reply.
Twitter Not exactly my favourite social media but a lot of the artists I followed on tumblr moved over there, so here I am too! Good place to see sketches, w.i.p's and stuff I deemed not good enough for DeviantART. We can be mutuals if you want >w>
Newgrounds I'm attempting to use this site more, seeing that I made an account at some point, as a sort of emergency replacement to DeviantART if that goes to pot. It's comfy so far!
Toyhouse Where I keep my characters, their bios and all of their art. Not always up to date, but a pretty good collection of stuff nonetheless. (More up to date now, thanks to the boyf uploading stuff for me, what a kind boy!)
DeviantART Less active on here now since Eclipse rolled out, I tried to keep using it but it's so different from the old site. Still trying to post though, just wait a little longer for a response if you message me here.
Tumblr Like my status if you have a Tumblr! A Tuuuumblr! I do have a Tumblr and it's very full of photos of trees and pretty paintings. I'm trying to make an art Tumblr too but for now here's my personal.

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