sane today, off the rails tomorrow



he's gone. figures.

that... animal that's been waking you up on occasion over the past few weeks had once again scurried away right before you could even get a glimpse of what he looks like, or capture him to see exactly what his aim is.

every time he comes around, he heads straight to your recycling bin, topples it over, spreads the bin across the floor but takes not one bit of it. but you noticed something different this time. in the middle of all the rubbish, there was a folded piece of paper with a half-lit lightbulb on it. apon opening it it read, in crude handwriting:

"thanks for forgetting that e-waste was a thing. for a while I thought I'd never get anything out of you~"

e-waste? the hell does he mean, e-waste?

...and while I'm on the subject, where's that old tower I had laying out here?

mac hoarder, tab fanatic, and computer addict extraordinaire, I'm mon and I welcome you to my hopefully cozy web-cottage settled right in the middle of the warzone that is the internet. sit back, relax, open a can or two of a soda that you haven't heard of in years, and look around. peace.