WANTED: Stray cabybaba reported wandering about these parts, drawing far too many furries and being a general nuisance. Also occasionally appears to be a strawberry tigress or a little brown bunny. HIGHLY dangerous, can and will ramble about inane nonsense at the drop of a hat. Keeps introducing memes to the Somnolians 2-3 years after they stopped being funny. Usually found listening to disco or circling around a lightbulb like a strange moth. Please report to the authorities if loc- HEY WAIT-




Uhhhhhh, hi there! The name's Caby, I'm a 20 year old doofus from the UK, specifically Wales, and this here is my humble little home on the web. I'm a 70s hippie soul at heart with a love of pixelly graphics and table layouts. After a hiatus of sorts, I'm planning on doing the place up a bit! Fill it with my interests and hobbies...

What are those interests you may ask?

First and foremost, ART! I'm an artist by nature, always doodling, always sketching, always taking on unnecessarily difficult projects because I wanna improve... Most of what I draw are characters, lads built up by myself, my badger boy, and our friends! I'm also super fond of drawing nature scenes and will willingly draw an indoor scene occasionally. Mostly though, character artist, usually of the fluffy variety. My two main projects at the moment being Pennyverse and Wyn's World! I love my lads dearly I doooo

And that nicely segues into another hobby of mine, stories! You wouldn't believe it now but creative writing was one of my strongest subjects back in school, and I was very passionate about it. I read a whole lot and wrote a bunch, usually inspired by whatever I had been ingesting media-wise at the time. High school very successfully bashed that aspect of me out with a gotdamn hammer, and I've been gradually getting it back ever since. Most of my writing so far has been very personal and therefore not for public view, but rest assured that you'll hear more from me in future <:3c

Thirdly? Animals! I've always been thoroughly fond of animals, since I was a little tiny kid. They're part of why I learnt to draw in the first place. My firm favourite since age 5 has been guinea pigs! I love their little faces and personalities. I have plans of making a whole site dedicated to them, so look out for that~ I'm also a fan of that entire branch of the rodent family tree, including porcupines and of course capybaras. Other animals I like include siberian tigers, european badgers and orangutans,,,

Last but not exactly least, history! An interest that has sadly sat rather neglected after my A-Level burnt me out a bit. But it's still something I love, I watch a whole lot of documentaries about anything from the 70s to the Romans and Celts, just fascinating to learn about and imagine. A whole lot to learn, thousands of years of interesting tidbits. I have Horrible Histories to thank for sparking that interest, and countless docs to thank for all the random bits of trivia I like to spring on people when they least expect it >:3c

Any other interests will invariably show up, either in my Junk Pile or the group blog.

As one may be able to guess, I happen to be horribly in love with a certain badger boy who also has a site on here, my beloved Cammy~ If I went into everything I love about that boy on this page, it'd go on for miles, so instead, I'll put it on a separate page known as my Cammy Shrine <3

NOW, as far as music goes, I have absolutely no idea. I'm a bit folky, bit poppy, but rocky, but mostly I just love shameless charm. Charm and catchy lyrics. Everything else is up to my mood. You can check out my SOTN Archive in case you happen to be curious to hear specifically what I listen to.

Any other questions?


Oh, him? *pokes* He'll be fine... eventually...

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