I'm not planning on keeping a dreamjournal. I just had a really weird dream and wanted to keep a record of it.

EDIT - So here's another dream I guess. I had to document is simply because it was so long, and made no sense.

EDIT No.2 - Screw it. Dream journal

(WARNING): Some entries will have swearing or other rude things, as well as bizarre imagery or gore, so if you're not into that, you better go (BACK)

A candy-colored clown they call the sandman
Tiptoes to my room every night
Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper
"Go to sleep. Everything is all right."

Why are so many of my dreams related to supermarkets???

06/08/2020 - 3:15pm (it was a rough day,,)

I'm going to a high school arranged meet up about going to university, despite having left high school 2 years ago. There are people there in red t-shirts who're explaining how university work to us like we're small children, I somehow manage to find a friend there and hang out with them for a bit, awkwardly. They have new friends who grimace at me in disgust when I sit next to them. Once the talk is over, we all pile into a room with a buffet table, though a bunch of people, including someone else I knew from school were putting stuff away, so I quickly went over and grabbed two cornish pasties before they picked them up, this angered the school aquaintance...

Something happens and then I'm out in the wilderness with Invader Zim, and I know it's a flashback somehow. We're escaping from someone who's deadset on killing both of us. Shit gets wild and Invader Zim gets murdered twice by this guy on a gentle slope covered in gravel with a steep drop on one side and a grassy verge on the other. Invader Zim grabs a glowstick and the evil guy grabs the other end and chucks it over the edge with Invader Zim still on. I'm distraught over this and push the guy over the cliff in vengance, and then crawl across the gravel and over the grassy verge as to avoid slipping down and falling myself. Dream logic means that I can't walk and everything is gradually slipping downwards, making everything harder. I turn around as I grab hold of the grass and see him crawling back up, so I kick him in the head and he slides down the gravel and off the cliff. I climb up onto the grass verge and walk unsteadily across it to escape.

I'm then in college, which is one big building with one large floorspace on the ground floor that's a library with a blue carpet, and a bunch of platform walkways with glass walls off to different rooms upstairs. The school aquaintance is there and is now out to kill me, along with a team of people working with her.

I spend the day trying to escape, avoiding murder from several people, and violently killing foes in kinda cartoonish ways with their own knives and also a conker on a string with razors sticking out of it at one point. I then rescue a capybara and also a sheep that these people were keeping hostage. The whole thing is very tense and I can tell that the school aquaintance (who has since turned into a 35 year old man) is watching my every move. I want to leave but I know there is more hostages I have to rescue. Eventually I've defeated everyone who was trying to kill me and save all the hostages, including two babies.

The college then turns into my grandmother's house and me and my family as well as some random person my brain made up are about to leave, but not before I make a sandwich with squashed strawberries in it(???), and grab some more bread and also a carton of soft cheese to make another sandwich later. The conversation seems to suggest that we'd been over to help my grandmother clean even though I'd just spent the last few hours fighting for my life.

Instead of going home we go to a shitty hotel room where my parents sleep on a sofa and I sleep on a fold out bed, and everyone else is just dotted about wherever they can sleep. I then go to make a sandwich and am horrified to find what is either a giant ant or a spider in the soft cheese. It hops up, still alive, and walks away. I notice it has that weird parasite snails get that controls their mind (look that up at your own risk, it looks super nasty). No one but me can see it and it makes me increasingly tense. It sets up a bubble cocoon on the sofa my parents are sat on and I start panicking and hyperventilating.

Then I wake up.


There's a bucket collecting rainwater in my room, and my dad comes in to go empty it in the bathroom, and we're shocked to discover it's full of colourful sea slugs that have developed from the algae that came down with the rainwater. There's a good dozen of them and they're all acid trip levels of neon and floaty. I decide to keep them as pets.

18/04/20 - 10:54am

I'm in an art gallery/museum where everyone is speaking English but I am 100% sure I'm in France. I'm in the lobby area where the walls and floors are white, the ceiling is super high up and there's these tall, thin windows that let in loads of light. There are these pillars that are also white but with light wooden trim, and most of them are connected by these slightly opaque glass walls that don't quite reach the floor and form these queueing lines. There's benches lining the walls, also in the same light brown wood.

While walking along with a friend who has no consistent form, we come across a giant pile of shit and deduce that there must be an elephant about. At this moment we're charged on by an elephant so we sprint in the opposite direction. People are running in every direction, panicking as the elephant runs around.

As I turn a corner in the glass queueing area, I find a second elephant and start running away from that also.

Then my brain forgets about the elephants and everything goes back to normal in the art gallery/museum. I'm now with my family and we're about to leave, but I'm desperately trying to get my new friend's Discord before we leave.

He's a dude for a bit which causes annoyance because then I worry that my family will think I'm interested in him. I walk over to where he was standing, but he's turned into a korean girl who's sitting outside the window in a small garden with her family.

The garden is on the ground floor and I'm stood on the first floor, but the window is from floor to ceiling so they can see me. Her family is trying to convince her to have plastic surgery so she'll be a better student. (Something something, brain plastic surgery to make you more skilled at things, my brain is on some shit)

I'm yelling at her not to, because I think it's a bad idea. While they're explaining the positives of this new plastic surgery, I yell "can plastic surgery do this?" and jump from the first storey window, kicking her mother in the back of the head.

I'm then sat on a street with Cameron. It looks to be somewhere in the Welsh valleys, small packed together houses on thin, winding roads. One of the houses down the street have gigantic fireman uniforms hanging from the walls, which I have great respect for, for some reason.

We're talking about sleep schedules and he admits that he's never been one for being awake in the morning, which isn't even true. But it also becomes apparent that we're living in this bizarre world where the pandemic took over, so they invented government-issued human-shaped robots who looked like the person that was controlling them from the comfort of their own home.

We thus cannot feel anything, being robots and all, but we head to the park and take part in a robot meditation class, where everyone loses their shit because they can suddenly feel the warm sunshine on their backs.

Then I woke up.

19/09/19 12:07pm

I was staying in a hotel with my family, except it was also someone's house? As in a girl appeared for a little who'd been in a previous dream about her having a giant bedroom and said I'd "set up shop in the corridor to her room", and sure enough, if you went into this giant closet, the carpet changed to the carpet that was in her room, so I assumed it lead to her room but didn't go further.

A problem I was having in my hotel room was that it was kinda dirty and also cluttered. There was several chairs scattered around the room and I found it annoying. I call for my mother who happened to be outside my door at the time, and she comes in and gets rid of all the chairs for me. I say there's two more chairs in the closet, because there was when I'd gone in there earlier on. My mother opens the closet door and inside there's just this dilapidated bathroom. My mother makes fun of me for mistaking a smashed toilet for two chairs and leaves.

I then wake up inside the dream and open my laptop. I find out I was in the middle of a conversation with borb when I'd fallen asleep. We were discussing doing an art trade. So I apologised and told her I'd had a dream where I was in a hotel room with too many chairs.

In the dream I fall asleep again and continue having the same dream of a hotel except now my mother is gone and me, my father and my brothers are trying to leave the hotel because our holiday is over. (I don't think anything happened to my mother, I think my brain just forgot to include her)

In one room of the hotel, there's a sofa which is normal originally. Except one time I glance into the room, one of the arms has a mouth on it. I point this out to my dad and we all run into the next room and promptly forget what happened. Now, as we discuss leaving, I keep glancing into this room to find the sofa has moved somewhat each time, eventually beginning to come closer each time I look.

Soon, the sofa is partially out of the door to the room so I call for my dad to tell him we have to leave now. It's just me and my youngest brother in the room and it takes ages for my dad to arrive. We then try calling for my other brother but he doesn't arrive. We go looking for him and eventually find him staring out of a window and shaking violently. We snap him out of it and all head for the staircase back up to the lobby. We knew what it looked like becase it was where we'd arrived.

But we walk up the stairs to find a normal wall where the second staircase should be, with a wooden panel with a keyhole on the corner between the top of the wall and the ceiling. I stand on a small table to reach it, and there's also a british socket on one side and an american socket on the other. While it looks like some kind of pretty small trapdoor, when I knock on it, it sounds like solid concrete. We're trapped in this hotel with some kinda weird sofa monster.

Then I wake up for real.

05/07/2019 8:57am

A guy and his uncle are walking back to the care home where his uncle lives. They walk through these normal, glass-fronted doors and enter a tiny, square room with camo green metal walls. They have to go through these giant, metal sliding doors to enter the actual building. There's a few people already in there so they wait for them to go through. They all have to be identified one by one and then let in. The guy isn't part of the care home so his uncle has to pay for him to be allowed in. They add him to the system using this big machine that scans him and forces him into poses.

The care home just looks like a corridor in an underground bunker that's lined with hospital beds. A metal walkway is suspended above the beds, along with a lot of wiring and the machine. Then the uncle's face inflates until he's got this gigantic tumour on his whole face and a dish-shaped skin flap about the size of a large dog all the way around his head. The nurses say this is when he needs to go to bed so he does. The guy leaves.

On his way to wherever, he meets a friend who asks him about his uncle. He says that his uncle's always had problems but they've just caught up with him recently. It starts this weird flashback to a child shaking while sitting in a pile of what looks to be washing powder. The guy, in voice over, says that when his uncle was a child he was diagnosed as an "iridescent sclute".

My dad is trying to find houses to buy, finds one that's this 1950s American suburbia style building with white pannelling and pink pillars on the porch. There's furniture in the back garden and some kind of playground equipment. My dad points at the furniture and playground equipment and says "sucks that it's all two storeys tall". The dream then cuts to what happened in that house.

It's during the uncle's childhood again, turns out he grew up in the house my dad was looking at. The uncle's father wakes up in the middle of the night to see that his fingers are rotting. It's a symptom of his son being an iridescent sclute. His hand looks mostly normal on one side but part of his palm and fingers are covered in a large swelling full of fluid and tiny maggots. He doesn't realise it's his hand and not his wife's face cream until I break the fourth wall and tell him.

My dad decides the house is cursed and I wake up.

18/06/2019 9:16am

Walking from my house to a KFC that doesn't actually exist. It's late evening. On the way there I see two separate incidents of mothers screaming at their children. The first one I come across is also angry at her husband, and I didn't overhear why she was angry at all. The second mother was angry because her daughter kept almost running out into the road. She was explaining the concept of death by car to her as I was walking past.

When I arrive at the street the KFC is supposed to be on, it's a residential street with like one little corner shop on it. But I'm sure there is definitely a KFC there so I keep walking down it. I end up walking into a dead-end. My brother is there, on a bike. We decide to go to KFC together.

We somehow end up in a KFC that kinda resembles a cinema, but with two floors. All the tables and chairs are mismatched but no one cares. When my brother and I arrive, we have turned into cartoon bees, and keep having conversations about the tv shows we've starred in.

Instead of ordering food, the two people I am now with decide to steal entire plates of food from other tables, while the people are sat there and can see them do this. They get a plate of spaghetti carbonara and a plate of egg fried rice (In a KFC?) but the people just immediately come over and take their food back. I call my group "maniacs" for trying to steal food.

I then find out they're not gonna order food. And this for some reason means I can't order food either. This makes me very upset.

I go up to one of the bee people with me and tell her about how I agreed to be in her tv show back in the 90s despite knowing it was going to be a flop because she's my friend and I respect her and that's why she should let me order KFC. She is unimpressed. I wake up.

I don't even like KFC. :(

28/08/2018 6:02pm

It is an overcast and rainy day, my family drive into a field which is being used as a carpark. It's quite busy. We get out of the car and my mother offers me and my youngest brother a selection of glasses with coloured lenses. There was six of them, orange, light blue, green, purple and two I can't remember. I choose purple because it lets me see in the dark. My youngest brother picks green. My other brother isn't there.

We head out into what I guess is a dinosaur park. It's basically a hiking trail with gigantic dinosaur on either side of the path. They're strewn about randomly and most of them are broken in some way. The smallest statues are the size of a truck and the largest are about three storeys tall. You wouldn't want to go near them because they all looked like they were about to fall over.

We enter an extremely dark room, but I can see because of my purple glasses. There is a small area of clothes which are being sold, and another larger area which is a presentation about dinosaurs, which is full of people. There is a projector screen and a large dinosaur skeleton right behind it. The walls and ceiling of the building are made to look like cave walls.

We walk from one side of this area to the other, where there is a large door into what I can only describe as a supermarket for giants. All of the shelves are about four storeys tall and packed with stuff. Nothing in the store is much use because it is all far too big. We go past a pair of folded up pyjama trousers which look just like a pair I own, except while folded it's about two metres across and the label says "50 metre".

Everything in the store is stacked full of items. One of the isles has a ladder in it, which is about two storeys tall and has a large pile of folded clothes balanced on top. Everytime I look up I almost fall over backwards and have to quickly look back down again. I feel the overwhelming sensation that all of the shelves are dangerously close to falling. You also wouldn't want to take anything from a shelf because it's so tightly packed that everything else on the shelf would come with it, and if that hit you, you wouldn't just be dead but also no longer human-shaped.

The entire dream was stressful, but nothing outright scary happened so that's a plus.

17/05/2018 7:50am

Watching an episode of nothing in particular on TV. On the show two women walk up to an old building built to look like a castle. It's night and quite dark. They two women look up and see another woman stood on the roof of the building, about three stories up, looking back down at them. The woman has an extremely pale face with dark circles around her eyes and a manic open-mouthed grin. She flails her arms about madly as the other women beg her not to jump. She jumps, flies down towards the ground but when she lands she's just a head.

Then outside of the TV show, me and my family go to the same building and go inside. Inside the walls are obviously original, but the floors are new, the ceiling are very low because the new floors were just built on top of the old ones.

The downstairs area is a restaurant, with a red and brown decor like you'd find in a nice pub. We go upstairs which is much less well kept, with plain floorboards and nothing decorating the delapidated walls. In one of the rooms there's a small pet shop, which sells mostly dwarf hamster cages. I consider buying one for my pet guinea pigs, even though guinea pigs are about eight times bigger than dwarf hamsters.

I start getting scared of being in the pet shop so my mam hides behind the curtains and keeps jumping out then hiding behind them again to try and scare me. I yell at her to stop that, get cross, and go back downstairs. My youngest brother follows me.

We go back to the restaurant. My youngest brother and I are sat on seats next to a window which looks out over the carpark. We hear over the radio that clowns had been spotted submerged in water. We then see a clown crouching in a bush in the carpark.

It runs over to the window and smiles at us with its face pressed up against the glass. We laugh at it and it runs away. This happens two more times with different clowns

Then blisters grow all over my right arm, so I run to my dad to show him them, but by the time I find him all of the blisters have popped and have left no mark, except for one or two small ones. I tell him that the blister thing has happened again (suggesting that it keeps happening??) and my dad shakes his head, looking disappointed. I then wake up, my arm is fine but I can't look at it for very long out of some sort of fear.

13/05/2018 8:12am

I create an account and briefly talk to a mod on a forum dedicated to reviewing episodes of The Simpsons. I go to my profile and my achievments are listed as "Joined forum" and "Had favourable conversation with mod about ABBA" even though the conversation wasn't about ABBA. I then log off my computer and go downstairs to look at my guinea pigs. One of them, Bergerac, had turned into a dwarf hamster. I don't seem to react to this.

1/4/2018 8:30am

Was a very short dream. I was lying in bed with my laptop on my stomach and I was trying to read something on the screen but the whole thing kept sinking into my stomach. What was annoying was that I woke up with a searing headache.

10/2/2018 7:48am

Three random people are in a large park (similar to Margam Park) and are just wandering about. They are two men and one woman who is blonde. One of the men is her boyfriend and he has no arms and is running away. She's chasing after him as he enters a forest with orange leaves all over the floor.

"I'll suck your dick if it's the last thing I do!" She yells as she chases him. She throws one end of a rope at him and it attaches to the back of his coat. Then they're in ancient japan and have to walk up about four flights of stairs to get to a bedroom. The boyfriend can't walk so the blonde woman carries him on her back the whole way.

When they get there the room has a tall ceiling, white walls and and dark, wood floorboards. The beds are just rectangles which are strewn about randomly on the floor. They have no pillows or blankets, and there's about 5 of them there. They all go to bed and sleep.

Quickly, me and my entire family are in a gigantic supermarket next to a massive crate full of random food. My mamgu and tadcu were giving food to my mam and dad and also this random old lady wih a broken wrist.We had to go to the other side of the supermarket while holding the food, so I ran on ahead to avoid carrying anything (why are you so lazy, dream me?) and ended up next to a giant buffet area. The end of the supermarket with the crate in it looked like a French supermarket and the end with the buffet looked like an American supermarket. At the buffet there was a guy who was taking plates of food to the buffet and was talking to two random children about how he was the reason the food there was healthy. My parents appear and make jokes about me not carrying any food.

Then we're walking towards a ferry while I'm talking with my dad about going on another holiday to Thailand. I said how I wanted to go again but for a longer time, and my dad spoke about how he thought the house we stayed in last time was a "prince castle" which makes no sense. As we get closer to the ship I see that instead of steps or a ramp up to the ferry, there is a gigantic rope, about a metre across with a ridge along the middle and small orange rope handles on either side. It is still connected to the side of the boat but the boat's still moving closer so when it's stopped the rope is bent, goes off to one side and is partially submerged in the water. I freak out because I'm scared of going up this rope so my dad calls me a coward and goes on ahead. At the part which is most submerged, my dad (who actually hates swimming) completely ignores the rope walkway and swims through. I, on the other hand, walk along it like there's no water at all.

A small child that I don't recognise (who is about 3 years old but has no adult helping them up this clearly dangerous walkway) nearly loses the rope and walks off into the ocean but my Grandad told him where the rope is so he doesn't.

Then I woke up with severe pain in my chest.

1/2/2018 7:30am

Just woke up from a dream where I was watching a video by IHE about him adopting a dog. He'd adopted the dog from Japan and it had been created in a lab but in the video he fiddled with the code in notepad and when he got it sometimes pissed from its neck. There were multiple closeups of the neck pissing hole which looked like a nasty gash in its throat where a smaller dog snout would poke out and shoot piss.

There was a part of the video where he said "When you open a bag of treats this is just what happens. Just how it is." and the video showed that the dog opened its mouth freakishly wide from ear to ear and had giant human teeth. There was also a part of the video where he spoke about how this dog was the second attempt and showed pictures of the first attempt which was horrifically vile and graphic but the video didn't change it's happy "look at my new pet dog!" vibe so it was really weird. The first attempt looked like a mound of flesh covered in terrible chemical burns. The video was full of random close up shots of dismembered dogs in a dark room.

Throughout the dream I felt unnerved when I looked at the dog, even when it looked completely normal. IHE was bizarrely happy about this terrible dog and was on the verge of tears the entire time. The music in the video was just a voice singing "nearly the best" over and over again in a sing-song way and IHE ended the video by saying "Yes! Nearly the best indeed!" and then it faded out and I woke up feeling slightly nauseous.

21/01/2018 11:25am

At the start of the dream, I was in a supermarket with my family, when my mam told us that we had to find an outfit to wear, so me and my brother went looking. The clothing was randomly next to fridges, not in a section of its own. The clothes were all giant, too big for a human, and hideous. (Lime green shirt with a swirling pattern made from white glitter and pearls, and an image of the moon down the front. I couldn't find any suitable clothes so I went to see my dad. My dad was looking for desserts so I helped but all the desserts were really small, except for one which was trifle shoved into a squash bottle. Also in the dessert section was these little containers which had a full skeleton of a tiny creature in them. Most of the bones were very small but the skull was about the size of my hand. I jokingly suggested the container of bones to my dad who walked away without saying anything.

When we left the supermarket, I was wearing a backpack and holding the container of bones. The backpack was awkward to wear because one of the straps was smaller than the other. I sat down, leaning against a bollard and put the container down. I fell asleep and when I woke up it was night time and my family had left. A woman came up to me and pointed at where the container was and said

"It's always fun when you have these items!" so I looked down and the container had been replaced with a plastic orange cup, still with the bones in, and a blanket. So I picked up the cup and the blanket and walked away from the supermarket (which wasn't a Tescos but is now).

The area outside of the Tescos was a shopping area with lots of other supermarkets there. Tescos was the only real brand, all the other ones were made up. The pavements were very shallow and the road was far too small for any car to go through.

I was panicking because I didn't know how to get home. I used my phone to google "how long to walk between Tescos Dragon Park and Lidl" which didn't come up with any useful and then my phone disappeared and was actually a hipbone from the cup. I walked over to a machine to use google on that but it was turned off. All the shops were closed now also. I was chewing on one of the bones in the cup.

I ran around holding this cup and blanket for a while, until I come across a group of people stood on a pedestrians only area between two shops. The crowd is made of people I know from school so I go up to them and ask two of them (Georgia and Madeline) if I can walk with them because I'm lost. They ignore me so I grab them by the shoulders and scream at them at which point the sigh and allow me to walk with them. And then I woke up.

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