September 2020

I did a fun little challenge with friends where they gave me a character and a Neopets paintbrush, and I’d attempt to design a version of said lad in that colour. I was given Seb and the Royalboy paintbrush, and this was born. Seb looking all snooty in his royal, fluffy cape and his shiny crown. I also shifted his colours so he was more “royal blue”.

I also got a request for Lince and the electric blue brush, Polaris and the fire brush, and Sapphire and the cloud brush. I tried to keep as accurate as I could with them, sampling colours from official sprites and taking design cues from them too. I made Sapphire fluffier and replaced her scarf with a cloud, made Polaris a darker grey to compliment the flames, and kept the markings on Lince simple and striking. Twas a fun challenge to complete.

I’m terrible at interior design but I wanted to show Cameron how I imagined Riley’s studio/apartment. He converted a large showroom on the top floor so that he could make full use of the sunlight coming in from the large, angled windows, both for his potted plants and for his painting. It’s only a simple sketch but that’s all I needed, really.

On the wait up until Spooky month! To celebrate, I doodle my spookiest lad, Candy Corn. He’s a mysterious being but a kind soul deep down… I attempted a sort of retro print look with the colours, discovered a fun way to make papery, earthy textures in Clip Studio, I think I pulled it off okay.

A mystical, peaceful spirit peers at you through kind eyes… I felt the urge to draw forest spirit Caby again, which is always welcome~ Was in a sort of retro cartoon/anime mood, enjoying the painterly, colourful backgrounds and thin lines on the character themselves. A fun contrast. Other than that, always fun to draw Caby~

I got the prompt “purple and blue siamese. it wears louboutin heels. it wears crocs.” from a fursona generator, and immediately envisioned a dumbass cat wearing completely mismatched shoes. It was so endearing that I had to draw them. And thus, whatever this is was born…

Cammy and I were talking about species in Pinede, and we ended up peeking at jerboas for a moment, and decided that they’d make good messengers, especially in the deserts around Murad. Soooo I doodled one. No name as of right now, but adorable nonetheless~

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