August 2020

August was a very weak month for art, I just kinda didn’t draw. So apologies about slim pickings, I was tired…

A simple little doodle of a goofy badger boy. The ink-like brush I used and the greyscale colours make it look kinda 90s, which while not my original intention, is pretty neat.

And then suddenly, setter Cammy returns! I fiddled with his colourscheme a bit, making his hair a lighter, reddish colour and the white of his fur more grey. Pink, circular glasses and doofy, floppy ears to complete the adorable look~

So, imagine for one moment, a sea slug mixed with a ferret. From space. That’s what a slerret is. And I love them so damn much. They’re gonna nibble on bread in your kitchen and leave tiny little glowing blue pawprints as they make their escape…

A tiny little doodly Bunny I drew absent-mindedly, before deciding it was nice enough to colour…. Then I thought “why not shade it?”.. And then I thought “might as well add a background…”
And now we’re here.. It’s aight.

Another case of me doodling aimlessly, this time turning into some white cat-like creature with big, blue eyes and very fluffy hair. It sort of reminds me of how I used to doodle in my 3ds notes. Good times…

Now last but certainly not least, a new character joins the fray! Cameron and I have been busy at work with Pinede, and this girl right here is one of the lads we’ve created. She’s a jeweler down in Caerpinwyd, shy but passionate for her craft. Also she’s adorable..

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