Art Time Baybeyyy

So, back in 2017 I created my first website art gallery, which was easy enough as I didn’t ever post my work elsewhere. As time wore on, I started posting my work elsewhere, and the usefulness of a separate art gallery weakened, until I rarely ever updated it.

Until I moved over here to, where I had a new idea. Why not restructure my Art Gallery to allow me to update monthly, along with little rambles with each entry, picking a few doodles that I hadn’t posted elsewhere for whatever reason. And thus, after pinching the HTML from an old DeviantART archive, my Art Gallery was reborn!

One issue though, the HTML was uh, kinda dense, and hard to read through, making updating kind of a chore, plus I had to create each page, move files around, and upload them all manually. Now this is fine normally, I enjoy making sites, but the repetitiveness of this task made updating the Art Gallery kind of a chore..

And thus I fell behind, again, and again, and again…. As of right now, the 14th of October, I am three months behind on entries. It’s ridiculous.

Cammy suggested to me that I should switch over to using a blog for this, as it’d be much easier to update, and while I liked the idea, I utterly hate all of the modern blog themes and I had zero idea how to change to something more,,, suitably aged.

After making the mistake of deleting the blog section (and trapping myself in waiting for Filezilla to chew through 30,000 files), I left it for a few months. Cammy very kindly fixed my HTML up to fit into Autosite, but that turned out to cause some strange glitches that made me afraid to touch the thing.

And now I’m here! Once more, Cammy has come to my rescue and found a treasure trove of old themes, plus explained to me how to install them. I am eternally grateful for him putting up with my dumbassery.

I shall now spend however long to move posts from my old Art Gallery to here. I’ve so far done one out of 22, yeehaw,,,

So, we’ll see how this goes…

Oh, and I might post other stuff as well? We’ll see.

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