May 2020

This month was almost entirely mermay, apologies for slim pickings,,, Should be more to enjoy next month.

Got the first half of a 6 fanart thingy done, and then fell off onto other things. Starting to think I’ll never finish it. Ah well, something to try another day. Still pleased with the ones I completed, in any case, tried to keep loose and sketchy and fun with them.

Saw a twitter prompt about drawing an oc like a 1950s-60s cereal box mascot, and then also as a 2000s cereal box mascot. I’ve been on a roll with Bunny so I decided to use her for this. I haven’t completed the 2000s one, though I plan to. But anyway, very pleased with how the 50s-60s one came out so you might as well see it now.

Caby? Drawing youtuber fanart? A horrifying concept. Luckily it won’t become a common occurrence, I just started doodling and it turned into Devyn Crimson. You might be able to guess that my fashion skills are not what hers are, :blobweary:

Not gonna fill this art gallery entry with mermaids, could bore you to tears with the sordid details of drawing scales and shading water. But I shall show you this one, because I like it, I made the brush, and everyone in Somnol liked it too. It’s a sea snake sliding about in the sea foam, after Cameron gave me that tidbit of trivia about how sea snakes are attracted to the stuff. Came out nicely colourful.

For a good month before this, I’d felt this urge to redesign Penny. Her design is so full of blank space and adding more fluff just seemed to ruin her silhouette, so instead I did something risky and crazy, I decided to change her markings. The original plan was to give her darker orange stripes, but her big, dumb head kept turning out far too busy. I tried calico on a whim and we all grew fond of it. I think it suits her nicely.

Sketching ideas for a whole different world, this time for Wyn’s universe. The main cast are mostly still in high school, so I felt the need to design some kinda uniform. It’s probably gonna change but ties and shirts give me ‘nam flashbacks. So for now we shall stick with this. Wyn looks neat in it anyhow.

To try and make up for how little is going on in this entry, have an extra doodle. A little forest spirit Caby to tide us all over~

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