April 2020

Putting this one out a little early because I don’t wanna forget to do it again uwu

This was the month of many tiny doodles and random giant pictures. Have a doodle. This was me trying to rethink Caby’s colourscheme. Still working on it, golly.

Let it be known that when I see a powerful tshirt design, I immediately want to draw Cammy wearing it. Thus, I did this. I’m not bullying him, I swear umu.

I realised that the rules I’d created for Wyn’s world meant that neither mine or Cameron’s fursonas would fit in universe, so I had to go and make designs, super important. Cammy’s a red and white setter, have another doodle of him. Oh and this is my new sona too~

Decided to be different and exciting by putting Daf into a dumb tshirt instead. This was actually a sticker on the back of a car I saw a photo of on Tumblr while scrolling through. Couldn’t get it out of my head so there you go. Daf’s rocking it.

I’ve never denied being easily amused. Couldn’t get the image of AAA playing with a ball of yarn out of my head, legally required to draw it. Thanks AAAbot.

I’ve already posted this everywhere, including using it for the blog, but I don’t care. Real pleased with how this came out. Indoor scenes are a big weakness of mine and I’m glad I followed through with this drawing idea. This is the version sans lighting, just to give it a little bit of a ~new and different~ vibe

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